gcc – how to see expanded macros

Sometimes it can be useful to see how expanded c macros. In gcc for this purpose there is the option -E (Preprocess only; do not compile, assemble or link).

gcc -E main.c > out.txt

After executing above command, main.cpp will be processed by preprocessor and it output will be forwarded to out.txt, that you can read and see how was expanded your macros.

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Beforehand should say sorry for my mistakes – english is not my native language. Please, feel free to correct my mistakes – it will be usefull for me.

First post must be usefull (as an others). So I decided make some usefull, fortunately I have some usefull home project.

Summarizing, programmers, usually, have a confining job, and begin gain weight. To defend from it, they need go to sport gym, but not all from as doing so. For this reason I decide to create little usefull program, which help  with intencive workout (at least fife-ten minutes we can spare for our health) and with it help we can keep trim. For this conditions best fit Cycling-Workout – for shor period of time we intencively perform several exercises (this several exercises is set), and then repeat set several times (between sets you can add short rest).

I thought, that usefull step away from PC and perform severals sets and then again return to work. But PC can give us some advice – what you need to do and how much time left. First version of program was ready in evening, but with it you can perform only one set (some time ago I called it base). On the next day, I thought, it will be good if I can easely add new sets and perform it,  also why not translate it in several languages? Let foreigners possibility to use it. I never before make a localization, so think out one method I implemented it. It works, maybe it not ideal and I need use something else, something that already exists, but when you invented a bicycle – it is fun for first time.

So – there is source code and releases. If you want direct link on archive- here it is. You need only unpack zip archive and run exe file.

Lets see, how program works.

On image 1 shown exercise select.

select exercise
Image 1 Exercise select

On image 2 shown main fields of program:

1 – How long time you perform this Cycle

2 – How much time is left for current exercise

3 – How many sets was completed from its total count

4 – Current Cycle name

5 Current exercise name

main fields
Image 2 Main fields

On image 3 shown create workout dialog.

Create Workout
Image 3 Create Workout

Best regards, Tchernopyatov Alexey.

Date: 2016.02.21